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Simple, automated, and designed to look good in your home. Find out how anyone can learn how to grow 3 ounces at home, effortlessly.


Say Hello to Mary Model Z

A fully automated single plant enclosure that will teach you how to care for your plant and get the most out of every harvest. This climate controlled smart grow box will help you turn any living space into an ideal growing environment for the plant of your choice.

An Entire Ecosystem in a Box, in the Comfort of Your Living Room

Grow Box Ecosystem Setting

Maintaining a controlled and healthy environment is crucial when it comes to fostering healthy plants. When you grow with Mary, everything is taken care of for you.

The Mary Model Z grow box automatically maintains the ideal environment for your plant at each stage of growth.

Equipped with a climate controlled environment, water tank, and multi-directional lighting to simulate the sun.

Mary will provide your plant with everything it needs while fitting in with any living space.

Grow Box Ecosystem Plant

Consistently Simple

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Simple, Effortless, Automatic

We Created A Companion App Designed To Automate Your Growing Experience

Mary App


Live Support

Have access to all of our best growing tips in one place! Our advice is designed to help you get the most out of your growing experience.

Track Your Growth

Designed to eliminate the guesswork and give you access to the information that you need to track your grow in real-time.

Growing Advice

Need some guidance? Our app offers tips and reminders to show you how to care for your plant.

Real Time Monitoring

Check in on your plant size and growing conditions any time, from any where.