Mary Model Z

Model Z - Condo Toronto

The Future of Home Growing Luxury

The Smart Grow Box

Growing quality, high-yield plants in the comfort of your own home has never been easier.

Smart Grow Box Technology, Fully Automated

MaryAG Tech

Technology That learns

Each Model Z grow box is connected to the Mary AG software platform which is used to run automation and analyze data. The data is then used to improve the software so that your smart grow box gets smarter with every plant you grow.

With a simple push of a button, the Mary Model Z automatically mimics the sunrise and sunset in order to create optimal growing conditions for your plant. Immersive lighting bathes the plant in light for better yields in every grow cycle.


In App Support

The Mary AG app will guide you through every growth phase. Need help? Connect with our experienced team of Growers.

Wifi Enabled

Check your plant size, water level, and growing conditions from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Smart Climate Assistance

Climate is automatically adjusted to mimic normal warming and cooling cycles found in nature, as well as to best suit your home environment.

Real Time Monitoring

Grow chamber conditions are continuously monitored. Alerts and reminders are provided to help with plant care.

Growth Phase Optimization

Optimal growing conditions are applied for each stage of growth in the plant life cycle to maximize yield.

Grow What You Want, Where You Want

MaryAG Grow What You Want
MaryAG Growing Community

Growing for all experience levels, anywhere in the world.

We have always grown at nature’s mercy. The best growing conditions have always required an ideal climate and access to fertile land. Now, in the climate controlled grow chamber, you can grow virtually any cultivar, regardless of season. Keep your kush or tomatoes thriving all year long.

Whether this is your first time growing at home, or you are an experienced greenthumb, the Mary Model Z will make your life easier. You will receive tips and be guided through the grow cycle all while the Model Z delivers optimal growing conditions for each phase of plant life. If you want to experiment and tweak the conditions, simply take control through manual settings in the Mary AG app.

MaryAG Use Less Land And Less Water

Use Less Land, And Less Water

Designed for Any Living Space

The Model Z is designed with efficiency in mind. An immersive multidirectional LED light source provides full light to the entire plant while using less power than most of your home appliances.

Unlike traditional growing methods that only use top-down lighting, the Model Z maximizes the amount you can harvest from each plant while remaining compact.

Zero Pesticides, for a Cleaner Harvest

Healthy, Predictable Results

The built in water tank allows soilless, hydroponic growing that is low maintenance and more resistant to pests.

MaryAG Clean And Safe
MaryAG Clean And Safe

Paired with the Mary AG’s pre-measured nutrients, you can ensure that your harvest is healthy and pesticide-free. You can also choose to use your own nutrients to take control of what goes into your plant.

Simple, Effortless, Automatic

We Created A Companion App Designed To Automate Your Growing Experience

Mary App


Growing Advice

Our best growing tips in one place! Our advice is designed to help you get the most from your growing experience.

Track Your Growth

Designed to eliminate the guesswork and give you access to the information you need to track your grow in real-time.

Live Support

Have a question? Our app offers live support to those who need help during the life cycle of their grow.

Consistently Simple

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Technical Specs

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Model Z
Space Grey (Matte Black)
external leds
16.7 million colour options via mobile app
power consumption
20-300 Watts, approx. $15/month
size and weight
height135cm (53.1 inches)
width45cm (17.7 inches)
depth33cm (12.9 inches)
weight25kg (55.1 pounds)
grow leds
Multidirection with high efficiency agricultural grade LEDs
ARM Cortex M3, 120MHz
iOS & Android
climate control
Built-in air conditioning
electrical and operating requirements
line voltage100-240V AC
operating temperature10° to 30° C (50° to 86° F)
relative humidity5% to 95% Noncondensing
802.11/b/g/n Wi-Fi